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[ Shoreditch Art Wall ]


[ Shoreditch Art Wall ]

We we're approached by Art Against Machine (ARTAM) to collaborate with them on the Shoreditch Art Wall - a well known street art wall on Great Eastern Street (around the corner from Shoreditch High St. Station). We had a panel to ourselves (one of four that make up the wall) to fill with the theme of 'Nature and the Machine'. With this in mind we arranged to utilise our recent project 'Festival of Birds' that was created for London Design Festival. To create the impression of nature and the machine we furthered the colour range including the more 'man made' and 'futuristic' fluorescent green. The use of these colours and shapes helped to contextually transition from the more natural pieces work on the left of our panel, to the machine based panel to our right utilising coloured lights behind a canvas.

The words used were our two favourite lines from a poem created by Annameka.

The work was up for two weeks right after London Design Festival. The circle element was later 'recycled' in work for a Channel 4 programme. The programme promoted checking for testicular cancer, and the work included well known street artists such as 'Endless'.


Shoreditch Art Wall


The circle element of our design 'recycled' as part of the #feelingnuts campaign for the Channel 4 show highlighting testicular cancer.