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[ Festival of Birds ]


[ Festival of Birds ]

For London Design Festival 2014, we were given multiple spaces to exhibit. One was at 100% Design in Earl's Court and the other was in Central Saint Martins, which we did alongside Art Against Machine (ARTAM).

We initially looked to screen-print a triptych of posters, as we thought the medium would be a good representation of our approach and mentality. We later opted to risograph them through the wonderful Hato Press. We love both methods of printing as they both offer a highly ethical means - using water or soy based ink, minimal waste and energy efficient. They also offer the opportunity to create multiples of the same print, but with tiny variations due to the screen-based production method. We love that this mean every 'copy' is unique.

We also wanted to show how an element based pattern allows flexibility, and how this can be easily applied to other items. We used a CD and t-shirt to illustrate this, as well as using simple 3D paper triangles to show our love of papercraft/models (as seen in some of our other projects, such as our project 'Forwards Not Backwards'). The idea itself came about from the suggestion of 'obsessions' theme for the Central Saint Martins show. We found we have an affinity with bright colours, birds and triangles, so we utilised these aspects in creating the work.

We also love including type. So when another ARTAM (Art Against Machine) poet - Annameka - wanted to collaborate, and create a poem based on flying and freedom, we were really excited to include it in our work. Our triptych used 2 of our favourite lines. Annameka also read her poem at the opening night of the Central Saint Martins show.

Our  'Forwards Not Backwards' work was also showcased during London Design Festival alongside 'The Cass' Master's final year show.


Inked line work of a kite for the third poster.