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[ 'Create Luck' Paper Phoenix ]


[  'Create Luck' Paper Phoenix ]


‘Did you know it’s lucky to see a phoenix?! So we made one out of paper!’

We've had in our heads for a while that we really wanted to push out the boat with a medium we love - papercraft. We've also wanted the opportunity to show a bit of Lucky Escape love, and give something back to the people and companies that we think are doing great things. So we decided to bring these ideas together to create something that shows our appreciation.

We felt a positive and motivational message was a must (that's how we feel after all) so came up with the message of ‘Create Luck’. With luck as a theme we took a closer look into lucky charms and beasts. We felt the Japanese folklore of a phoenix being incredibly lucky to look upon struck a cord. Not only could we create a lucky creature, but also actively suggest 'luck' into the very nature of viewing that creation. We called him 'Yoshi' ( a Japanese name derived from a number of possible positive words, but 'good luck' - 吉 is frequently referred to ).

Each part of the phoenix model was hand-cut and put together using bright acid free, deep-dyed, non-fading, sustainable coloured paper (the colour pigmentation being water based and made from vegetable oil). After photographing the model we illustrated mist around it. This allowed the tangible model to be combined with an illustration that was both hand-drawn and digitised, creating a greater impact whilst using a diverse range of methods. The final image was then used to create posters and postcards.

We really wanted to ensure when Yoshi's image was sent, that we did everything we could to really carry through the vision we had for the model. So we extended this idea to create a small number of packs, that also included a sticker ( the beginnings of a set) and a risographed 'sticker album' poster. We designed the sticker poster with the intention of it working well regardless if it was 'sticker-less' to having the full set. The stickers were designed to show off British birds and to carry through the tangibility feel from the model. This was achieved through both the use of risograph and sticker texture.

To bring the pack together we used a 350gsm 100% recycled board (Post Consumer Waste) A5 locking box as packaging. We then screen-printed the boxes with a fluorescent green utilising the illustrated mist used on the phoenix poster.