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Degree Shows, Margaret Calvert, New Designers and Coming Soon!

Happily we've been to visit a number of the wonderful graduate events, inc. 'Headlines' - the University of Hertfordshire's fantastic degree show, revisiting the lovely people at the Cass for this year's final year show, and also a visit to New Designers over in Angel.

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Pick Me Up 2015

We are always on the look out to learn and see amazing things. They are made even better when these experiences are shared. So we have resolved to update here with more of the things we find and learn. 'Pick Me Up' provides the prefect starting point for this resolution!

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Mind the Gap

We are super eager to share a few things, and finalise updating projects on here like working with the fantastic guys at Ānjoy. They are very nearly there but drop us a message if you can't wait to see more of any projects which have yet to appear.


In the meantime enjoy our little ode to Tottenham Court Road seen above.

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