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We met Anjoy whilst working on the Shoreditch Art Wall. The owners came by at a time when we still had quite a bit to do. But they said they had driven past us twice, and had to come over to talk to us. They were looking for wall murals for their new vietnamese street kitchen in Farringdon, and loved what they had seen us do.

They really wanted something which embodied the freshness and flavours of vietnamese food, but also brought out the richness of their proud heritage. We really enjoyed immersing ourselves in researching Vietnam’s amazing culture and environment. They loved our ideas of using majestic water buffalo paired with native fowl in crisp, bright graphics and illustrations. This paved the way for the identity, with the ‘roundel’ allowing the design to be modified to keep it feeling fresh, but still keeping a distinctly ‘Anjoy’ look. As the company expands, the diverse identity can expand with them.

If you find yourself in Farringdon, you can see the work for yourself (as well as picking up some amazing vietnamese food):

Anjoy Street Kitchen
63 Farringdon Road
London EC1M 3JB